Lil Durk Scared to Diss The Dead?

November 14, 2022 Sticky Post

Chicago’s very own rap star, Lil Durk, has seemingly opened up with his team like he never before has regarding the gun violence taking the lives off over 50 people a day in the city. Due to the violence, Durk has been losing his family members and associates left and right. People such as DThang, King Von and Nuski have been taken from his side. He took to Rolling Stone magazine in a recent interview to share this news about his new perspective on the matter. He got on Rolling Stones as they wanted to show full support of his most recent piece of work “7220”. The article was Headlined “Chicago Rapper Wants to Stop the Violence”. When he was asked about selling out shows and getting full support from his city, a very rare occurrence, the rapper replied, “We never imagined that”. He goes on to explain the situation in his city and dropped the blame for the violence on drugs and gangs. He also stated that he’s going to be making a change for the better, saying, “I’m going to start by getting the city together,” he says, “to do my part to slow down the violence.” Durk also brought up his three-month stint in jail following a gun charge “Unfocused, lost. Thinking about gangbanging. No type of leadership within me, or around. But I don’t regret nothing from the past.” said Durk remembering his past. Durk has been in the mainstream’s eye for years now, and it seems that in every one of them, he has been involved in multiple alterations/beefs with various rappers from his city and from others. Some of his biggest feuds were with rappers NBA Youngboy and 6ix9ine. Over the years he has had to suffer the loss of his right hand man King Von and his own brother DThang. Lil Durk has cleared his stance on the back and forth culture saying “You get angry fast and one reply can f-k up a billion dollars.” following up with much bigger stance on stopping gang violence he says “That’s why I’m not saying names no more ,I ain’t speaking on the dead no more — none of that.” Many fans are proud of Durk for changing and taking a much more positive stance towards the violence in his city, especially in light of the recent deaths of many fellow rappers. Lil Durk also has his head in straight and sees that the rap scene is bigger than just him. He is the father of six children and had promised a better future for them saying, “I’m not chasing death no more, I’m chasing a billion dollars. I want our kids to grow up safe and sound, to be able to have fun, to have a real life.

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