Quavo Sister and Takeoff’s Aunt Wants Smoke With His K*ller!

November 15, 2022

It’s been about 2 weeks since mainstream Artist Takeoff was shot and killed in Houston Texas as he was hit by a stray bullet in an altercation that had nothing to do with him. His death has confused and angered many people, fans and close family members especially. Nobody can imagine the pain that his mother, Quavo, and Offset are all feeling. Quavos sister recently took to social media to express her feelings and frustration over the situation as she broke her silence about Take’s death. Kasahara Marshall, took to her Instagram story vowing to find the suspects responsible for Takeoff’s senseless shooting. She went on the app and made a post that read, “Find out who did this to my NEPHEW!!!!! By any MEANS”. This comes after many people have been blamed for his death but nobody has been pointed out as a confirmed suspect. The situation is definitely sinking in on her as she continues her rant with a follow up story that read, “ I will never ever be the same
Who ever is responsible
You will pay for this pain
Heart Cold forever!!!” Her feelings are valid and many understand that it’s hard to grieve a loved one when the person responsible for their death runs the street free. Take was a unique, humble, unproblematic individual who did not deserve what was done to him. Investigators are still putting together the pieces that led to the Migos rapper’s tragic death.

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