August 22, 2023

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By: @Mister_Factz

Irv Gotti appeared on yet another episode of Drink Champs — and this latest interview is just as wild as the one that dropped back in August of 2022!

Last summer, Gotti caught hella flack for telling N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN that he came up with the concept for Ashanti’s hit record, “Happy,” after he and the R&B singer smashed. On his most recent appearance on Drink Champs, Gotti threw a crazy amount of shade at Dame Dash. Here’s how that went down:

At one point during the interview, N.O.R.E. asked the Murder Inc. co-founder if he knew about the rumors that Dame was “removed” from Jay-Z’s The Book of HOV library exhibit. Gotti said he ain’t know jack about that — before saying, in no uncertain terms, that Jay probably doesn’t like Dame.

That prompted N.O.R.E. to bring up Dame’s recent claim that Hov was super tight about him messing with Aaliyah. Gotti didn’t speak on that topic, per se, but homeboy did share his thoughts about Dame’s contributions to the Roc. 

The first thing Gotti said was Hov didn’t really need anybody to hold him down. He then said Dame did start Roc-A-Fella with Jay and Biggs, so he deserves some credit. At this point, it sounded like Gotti was giving Dame his flowers. But it turns out that wasn’t the case. As soon as Gotti credited Dame with co-founding the Roc, he pulled a one-eighty and told N.O.R.E. that Jay’s former business partner had nothing to do with creating the records.

To ensure folks understood his point, Gotti also said Jay — not Dame — was the one “picking the beats,” and laying down verses. Then, as if to end the discussion, he added, “…it was all Hov! Dame was along fo the ride. It was a great ride.”

Gotti’s opinion does hold weight, but Dame was definitely about his business during the Roc’s heyday. According to a report by The Focus, Dame was largely responsible for organizing Roc-A-Fella’s first tour (that tour generated $19 mil). 

Dame also produced several classic hood movies under the Roc-A-Fella brand. One of those films was “Paid in Full,” which starred Wood Harris, Mekhi Phifer, and Dame’s homeboy since jump, Harlem rapper Cam’ron. Before the Roc’s demise, Dame also dropped “State Property” and “Paper Soldiers,” the flick many believe ignited Kevin Hart’s movie career.