Gucci Mane Mad Rappers Won’t Sign His Slave Deals For $50k and a Chain!

November 16, 2022 Sticky Post

It seems Gucci Mane is on petty hours with rappers. Just in the last week, he dumped rapper Baby Racks from his 1017 label the day right after he signed because he didn’t like what he said about Houston in the wake of Takeoff’s death. Now Gucci is being accused by fans of unfollowing Mudbaby Ru on IG after he didn’t sign to 1017 for $50k & a chain. Mudbaby took to IG with a screenshot of Gucci’s IG but there were no posts and a notification that read, “user not found”, an obvious sign of being blocked by someone. Mudbaby Ru is new on the scene but many people and fans from his fan base are upset with Gucci for being so uptight about the situation and say that Ru was right for turning the deal down. Now, even though Mudbaby is new, he obviously knows in the long run, he is worth way more than what he was offered, especially since he got the offer from Gucci himself. Many artists would have taken the 50k and chain and been stuck in a deal that is damn near impossible to get out of and then end up owing the label way more than they signed for.

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