September 1, 2023

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By: @Mister_factz

You boy Fiddy could be facing battery charges related to a mic-throwing incident that allegedly left one female with a gash across her forehead.

According to TMZ, on Thursday (August 31), the female who got popped upside the head by the mic — radio host Bryhana Monegain — waltzed into a police station and filed a report about the alleged incident, which occurred on August 30th.

One-time supposedly told TMZ they think 50 Cent hurled the mic at his homies (they were posted up in the production section) but wound up hitting Monegain in the noggin instead. Monegain supposedly told the coppers that Fiddy looked her dead in the eyes before pitching the mic, Nolan Ryan style. In other words, the Power 106 radio host is of the belief that 50 knew damn well she was right there.

The “Candy Shop” rapper’s lawyer, Scott Leemon, told TMZ in a statement, that his client would never in a million years “intentionally strike anyone with a microphone.” The statement also said that anyone saying otherwise is capping do to a lack of “facts,” not to mention misinformation.

As for the alleged mic-throwing incident, it supposedly went down like this:

On Wednesday, August 30, your boy Fif was performing at L.A.’s Arena for his Final Lap Tour. At one point, the executive producer of Power got super tight ‘cause the production crew kept handing him faulty mics. Then, on two occasions, the business mogul was captured on video pitching the broken mics into the crowd. One of those throws allegedly resulted in the radio host getting blasted in the face.

On a more positive note, Fiddy’s Final Lap Tour by and large has been a success. On the night of the alleged incident, Fiddy brought out Nas, who rocked the stage with his classic records, “Made You Look” and “Hate Me Now.”

Earlier this month, Fiddy kicked off the tour at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. During one of the two shows held at the arena, Fif brought out J Cole. The following day, the “No Role Modelz” rapper made headlines for telling the sold-out crowd that Fiddy’s Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ was the greatest album ever.