Young Dolph Gets Honored At Rolling Loud

Young Dolph Gets Honored At Rolling Loud

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We’ve lost so many artists to violence throughout the years. We keep their names alive and appreciate the legacies they left in this world through their art in music.

His artists Snupe Bands and Paper Route Woo, both signed to Dolph’s Paper Route Empire, honored him and his music by performing his music at Rolling Loud 2021 Saturday night. They were quickly joined by O.T. Genesis, who had tracks with the artist, like the well known “Cut It” released in 2015. Rolling Loud also had posted a tribute to the artist later that night saying, “LONG LIVE YOUNG DOLPH 🙏🏻”

Adolph Robert Thornton Jr, better known by his stage name, Young Dolph, was gunned down back on the 17th of November by men in masks in his own hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. While he was buying cookies at Makeda’s Homemade Cookies’ shop.

He had dodged death many times in the past, from a car crash that ended in a fatality to his close one, being shot in Hollywood while shopping for shoes, and in Charlotte, North Carolina, where the rappers SUV had over 100 rounds fired at. Thornton left behind so much to remember his name by, but sadly his 2 children, Tre Tre and Aria will be left without their father to grow by their side with.

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