Travis Scott Removed From 2022 Coachella Line-up

Travis Scott Removed From 2022 Coachella Line-up

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Travis had what was coming to him after the unforgettable concert from hell. He will no longer be performing at Coachella 2022 in the coming year. He was removed from the list for his blatant actions earlier this year and there’s no quotation as to why. Many of his fans lost their lives in unimaginable ways, while Scott continued to perform over their obvious attempts to get help.

This was an instant headline everywhere while all of the victims family’s mourned their loved ones passings and sat in those hospitals filled with hopeful wishes. The performer faced backlash from every direction.

Many of his performances, projects, and business deals were postponed out of respect to those who lost their lives and as a punishment for turning a blind eye to what the people who looked up to him. Karmas a b****!

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