Travis Scott gets mad at a fan for falling asleep at his show

Travis Scott gets mad at a fan for falling asleep at his show

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Houston, Texas’ very own AstroWorld creator, Travis Scott (Jacques Bermon Webster II) seemingly was offended at one of his fans falling asleep at his MLB All Star Weekend Performance earlier this week.

The entertainer was said to have seen the fan in the audience dozing off which probably made Scott feel like his performance was boring the guy to sleep. Travis was about to perform his most known song “Goosebumps” which is now a 5x platinum release, when he noticed the fan lost in his slumber as the rest of the crowd was going wild. “Yes you, raise your hand right here,” Webster yelled into the audience, “Yes, you here with the beard. Yes with the glasses, uh turn around. Wake the fuck up.”

The rest of the audience seemed to giggle and laugh right before Scott cued the song to start back up and he was satisfied the fan woke back up to enjoy his music. Many say he woke the fan up because of his recent backlash from his AstroWorld performance which lead to 10 deaths and countless injuries. He didn’t want the fan to Walt up to a crowd going wild and stampeding him. He was denied many shows and bookings since the AstroWorld incident and is now back on decent terms with his fans. He is said to be booked for back to back shows across the country and that he his taking every precaution he can to make sure all of his attendees are safe during his shows.

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