The Criminal History of Pooh Shiesty!

The Criminal History of Pooh Shiesty!

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Pooh Shiesty is relatively new to the rap game. Only being on the scene for about a year. But that hasn’t stopped him from gaining a huge following. A number of his videos on youtube have over 10,000,000 views and are still growing. But with a childhood filled with crime, robbery and shootings, his record is ANYTHING but clean. Many of these incidents nearly cost him life in prison.

Pooh Shiesty was born Novemeber 8, 2000 in Memphis TN. He began rapping in 2017 and admitted that he didn’t expect to blow up like he did. His main motivation was to get out the hood.

First song 2018 weak azz bitch. A Colab with a female artist from his hood named KCarbon.
It created a lot of buss in his hood
Another collab called “Breaking news” also brought much notoriety.
“Hell Night” ft. Big 30 in 2019. Right hand man. Grew up together. Been through a lot. Seen it all.
Big 30 actually got signed first by Bread Gang.
They both dropped a collab with blocboy JB called OOH OOH
Pooh Shiesty dropped his first major single “Shiesty Summer” in August 2019
Has about 6.3 million views to date. Gained him many fans.
He then Dropped Choppa Talk 2 in 2019
He was finally signed by Gucci Mane in April 0f 2020 and thats when things really took off.
Doing features with Gucci Mane himself, Money Bag Yo, and Lil Baby.
Twerk sumthin has about 20 million views to date.
The first time he was arrested was when he was 12. He doesn’t give much info on this particular incident. He did say that he was expelled from his middle school, and even had to do time in juvenile hall.

October 13 2020, Pooh Shiesty was allegedly involved in a shooting. Two men were left hospitalized. It was supposedly an intended robbery. Lontrell Williams, aka Pooh Shiesty, is facinga number of charges including armed robbery with a firearm, agrivated battery with a deadly weapon, aggrivated assualt with a firearm, and theft. He was booked after agreeing to surrender to police. Arrest warrants were issued for Pooh Shiesty and two other suspects after the friday afternoon shooting, in Bay HArbor, Florida.

One of the victims claims they had met up with Pooh Shiesty to sell the rapper a pair of air jordons
The other victim claims they were meeting with him to sell marijuana
During the transaction, the first victim claims that Shiesty shot him after he had exited the vehicle.

Reports claim that Shiesty left the scene in a Mclaren but left a Louie bag filled with cash. A quick check to his Instagram account showed pictures on the McLaren AND the Loui bag. Police were even able to match the serial number of a photo of a 100 bill with the serial number of a bill found in the bag of money.

Pooh Shiesty appeared in court the following Wednsday, and his bond was set at 30,000. He bonded that same day.

Not to mention that Gucci Mane himself was fairly adamant about freeing his artist. Something Gucci MAne doesn’t usually do.

Some beef in the past with rapper Big Boogie. Details are usure but apparently some heated words were said via Facebook and Instagram.

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