Richmond Virginia’s Star ‘Urfavgrannie’ Makes The Rap Game Look Easy!

Richmond Virginia’s Star ‘Urfavgrannie’ Makes The Rap Game Look Easy!

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With an eclectic appreciation for the rap community, Deneen Scott is on a journey to become a refined and impactful musician. 

The Virginia native’s music is raw, honest and is intended to influence her listeners by giving them the inspiration they need to tackle life head-on. 

“My music is relevant to the rap community,” Urfavgrannie said. “It’s very easy for people to relate. I have the ability to build authentic relationships.”

In March 2021, Urfavgrannie released her first single and has been on the rise ever since. Carving out her signature and jamming together ideas, Urfavgrannie is looking to pay homage to the rap culture. 

With 207K followers, Urfavgrannie’s TikTok supporters inspired her to write her own music. When the artist was recommended to Goodpeeples Studios in Richmond, the rest was history. 

“I’ve always loved music,” Urfavgrannie said. “As a content creator/influencer, I make rap lip sync videos. My supporters kept telling me to do my own music.”

Urfavgrannie is staying focused on the idea that her storytelling truly comes from the heart. 

“I write about life stories that are relevant to me,” Urfavgrannie said. “I think the strengths I bring to the music world are my writing abilities. Writing comes easy.”

The creator, Urfavgrannie, puts immense quality and deep thoughts into her writings.  

“I just think about different aspects of my life and start writing, ” Urfavgrannie said. “It’s a tough game and not everyone is going to make it. You have to believe in yourself.”

Influenced from the rap stylings of Biggie, 2Pac, DMX to Lil Baby and Rod Wave, Urfavgrannie would someday love to collaborate. 

“Lil Baby because his rapping ability and how he rides beats,” Urfavgrannie said. “Rod Wave because I like how he sings. He’s smooth and raps to what most can relate to.”

From living in foster homes to the projects, life wasn’t always easy for Urfavgrannie. But she’s been a part of the black culture her whole life. 

With little stopping her, Urfavgrannie’s goal is focused on providing the highest quality content in an effort to motivate and inspire people. With a slew of releases, check out Deneen Scott’s latest single titled Loyal by Urfavgrannie, available on all streaming platforms.

Find out more about @Urfavgrannie on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

Hiphopnowtv Journalist/Author via: Myka D. Williams

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