NBA Youngboy Disses Lil Durk, Gucci Mane and More

NBA Youngboy Disses Lil Durk, Gucci Mane and More

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Lil Durk has seem to get dissed by rapper NBA Youngboy as YB has dropped a new snippet sending shots at not only Durk, but Gucci mane too. This comes after much tension has been building between the rappers over deaths, gangs, and social media comments in the past months since King Von was brutally murdered. Durk had seemed to also drop a diss before the “Outside Today” rapper decided to clap back and break his silence.

This beef has had fans buzzing all over the internet trying to piece the situation together bit by bit. Youngboy went on the snippet to say “why you dropped that wack ass song” seemingly replying to Durk’s “AHHH HA”. More has been building this situation especially since Gucci mane seems to get dissed in the snippet too.

Many fans from all three sides are saying Gucci may comeback with his own diss against Top and also believe it’s gonna be one of the best disses to drop yet. Both Durk and Gucci look to be referencing somebody who has been bringing up murders despite recently getting out of prison. Given YB’s situation, many believed that these bars were directed at him.

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