Lil Baby Responds to Possible RICO Charges!

Lil Baby Responds to Possible RICO Charges!

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It has been reported recently that Atlanta’s district attorney (DA) seemingly revealed that there will be two more big RICO cases in Atlanta in the coming 2 months. “In the next 60 Days you’ll see more,” she said. Fans have now taken to social media to share their thoughts about who may be the next 2 gangs being charged in these investigations. It has been said that rapper Lil Baby and his crew 4pf are one of the main targets for the Atlanta DA and that they have been keeping a close eye on his every move in the city. His fans suspect they may be after him because of his name and brand being reported as a major gang in Atlanta. Back in May, it was shared that feds are looking to build a RICO case on Lil Baby and 4PF crew after identifying them as a gang in criminal documents following Young Thug’s YSL indication.

In the leaked criminal documents, Lil Baby’s 4PF (4 Pockets Full) is identified as Crips gang alongside Rolling 60’s.
Couple of months back, journalist Michael Seiden of local Atlanta news station WSBTV broke the news that Young Thug and his artist Gunna and 26 other members of YSL have been accused of RICO charges. The DA is said to be “Tired of the gang activity in the beautiful city of Atlanta” and wants to make the participants of these kind of activities feel the pain for it. “It seems like she’s waiting for Lil Baby’s album release to arrest him. Very sick,” a fan tweeted in response to the DA’s news. Lil Baby better get tf outta ATL,” another user wrote. “We finna get a Lil Baby documentary and album next month. Scary Hours,” someone else commented.

Baby seems to be aware of the situation, for when he took to social media to talk about his investment group, a fan told him to watch himself. “I’m trying to start an investment group for the young black millionaires !! We can run the world if we play it right!” said Baby where a fan responded, “Man you better be 👀 out for that rico everybody keep talking about”. The rapper seems to be in good spirits about the situation and only had one thing to say to the fan, “Only god can judge me 🙏🏻”. If convicted baby could be facing 25 years to life in prison

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