Kodak Black Not Happy About NBA Youngboy’s New Deal

Kodak Black Not Happy About NBA Youngboy’s New Deal

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Rapper Kodak Black is now seemingly reassessing his deal with his record label, Atlantic Records, and finding new outings in the music industry after hearing news of NBA Youngboy’s signing of a new $60,000,000 contract. The Baton Rouge rapper’s Never Broke Again imprint floated the lucrative figure while promoting his upcoming album The Last Slimeto on Instagram ahead of its August 5 release. He later made a post to his page reading, “August 5th this Friday pre-order now ‘the new lil top with surprise feat /don’t wanna miss this classic with @atlanticrecords @artistpg.” “how we came in the game @mikecaren I appreciate you for that phone call @itsep I am on now 60 million dollar n-gga you lil puppies August 5th ‘The Last slimeto’ pre-order now.” Kodak Black quickly had the rumor spread to him of NBA YoungBoy’s reported new eight-figure deal on Sunday (July 31) and now wants to figure out a way he can secure a bag of his own with Atlantic.

“Lil YoungBoy, he bout to fulfill his deal. I’m fulfilling my deal too,” he went to Instagram live to spread his word. “I definitely can’t let him be out his deal and moving on and getting to that real bag, and I just be sitting back and just still in my fucking deal. No! I’m done too … I seen jit come out, some $60 million shit, so I need my 60.” It’s now been said if there is beef over the situation but it is highly debated by fans on social media. There were reports of beef in early May that has been cleared but these are direct comments. In a follow-up Instagram Live video, the Florida native accused labels of locking young artists into “rookie contracts,” even after they’ve proved themselves as stars.

“I know what’s going on with these labels and how they be taking advantage of young n-ggas and shit,” he continued. “N-ggas be still in they rookie deals… But you on to that big bag… I ain’t still gonna be in my shit. N-ggas showed that they in competition with me.”

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