Is “Nais” Taking over The St. Louis Hip-Hop Scene?

Is “Nais” Taking over The St. Louis Hip-Hop Scene?

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Young and electric, St. Louis rap artist Nailah (Nais) Sutherlin is making a name for herself in the music industry with her unique style and approach.
“I want it for myself but everyday it’s a new inspiration that keeps me motivated and focused,” Nais said.
“Performing is my favorite thing to do so I’m always looking forward to entertain and showcase my talent.”

Without family support and exploring her love for writing as a child, Nais wouldn’t be the successful
music artist she is today in her career.
“My stepdad influenced me and I was really good with poetry as a kid,” Nais said. “Just knowing that I can constantly get better and create new experiences makes me want to never give up.”

Born in LA, Nais is heavily influenced by the rap scene and is reiventing what it means to be a successful artist today.
Nais understands how big of an impact her style and the quality of music she is creating while navigating through her career.
“I don’t think my style can be compared to any other artist,” Nais said. “It’s nothing you can find in someone else. I’m versatile and I can create my own flow and connect with any type of beat. I’m not just stuck in one lane when it comes to my creativity.”

Nais looks up to and admires some of the greats like Lil Baby and Kevin Gates.
She unveiled her latest project July 1 titled CASHFLOW.
Lifestyle, Bad Habits, Fed Up and Whole Lot are just a few songs that highlight the main concept of Nais’ newest project, with Face Down and Golden Child being her most marketable singles.
“This project was about me learning to have fun with my sound,” Nais said. “It’s about me as a hustler just enjoying my day to day life.

Through it all, Nais is keeping her eyes on the prize and looks forward to continually shock the music
world and accomplish career milestones.
“I just want to focus on being more marketable and growing my fan base,” Nais said. “I hope y’all are with me forever. I hope to get more features in with other artists in and outside of my city.”
Fans can look up CASHFLOW on YouTube (Nais Music), Amazon Music, iHeart and other social media
platforms. Stay up-to-date with Nais by following her on instagram at Nais.Madeit.

Hiphopnowtv Journalist/Author via: Myka D. Williams

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