Is Chicago Native ‘Mercocet’ The Next Star Out The Chi?

Is Chicago Native ‘Mercocet’ The Next Star Out The Chi?

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With just two years into his career, Chicago’s Tyler Davis AKA Mercocet is no stranger to music. Growing up, it was his family that was most impactful. 

“My dad was a huge inspiration as to why I make music,” Mercocet said. “He showed me so much Motown at such a young age.”

With a creative mind, Mercocet is taking his skills to a whole new level. His intense and blazing themes of passion and strength is what makes his music fascinating.  

Fear is not an option when the lyricist experiments with new melodies.

“I’m not afraid to try a new sound and/or blend genres of music,” Mercocet said. “I think that’s what gives me my edge and energy.”

Whether it’s on the road or sitting in a parking lot, Mercocet’s mind serves as a emotional journal. 

His creative wordplay and witty lyricism shouldn’t be overlooked when composing new tracks. 

“It’s usually the most random times that I’ll come up with a really good song,” Mercocet said. “I can literally be driving and I’ll come up with a good hook right on the spot. I’ll usually park my car and finish the song before getting to where I need to go.”

Music has really pulled Mercocet out of some of his darkest days. 

“I’ve lost many many times,” he said. “I’ve gone through every emotion possible because it takes a lot to fight what you envision.”

Despite the ups and downs, Mercocet is musically striving to be better. Now that he’s in the driver seat, it’s a gift he hopes to spread throughout the world. 

“I can do anything and I can bring a lot of people together for the right reasons,” he said. 

With great respect for their work, Mercocet would someday like to do business with popular artists 24KGoldn and Iann Dior. 

Until then, you can find out more about Mercocet and get your daily dose of his unique music on all streaming platforms.

Hiphopnowtv Journalist/Author via: Myka D. Williams

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