Georgia’s Next Star Is Now!

Georgia’s Next Star Is Now!

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A gifted musician/lyricist from Riverdale, Georgia, Ross Taxin is creating his own authenticity to present to the world.

The artist began his journey back in middle school when he started making beats.
“I was making beats in the 8th grade that was broadcasted every morning for the
announcements,” Taxin said. “With how fast I was writing these songs, I was contemplating on if I wanted to rap or just make beats.”

The Full Sail University graduate admires famous musicians like The Internet, Chief Keef, Ola Runt, Young Scooter and Blocklife Nephew.

Taxin has molded and strengthened his craft and talent by producing quality music daily
throughout his musical career.
“I’m putting it in your face so much,” Taxin said. “I had to come through everyday to keep the momentum going. None of my songs are the same feeling.”

His musical dream hasn’t always been a smooth ride. But with the peer pressure of back
against the wall, Taxin has always found a way to bounce back.
After his release from prison at the beginning of 2021, Taxin teamed up with marketing agency SLIGHTWRKS and has recorded several new songs daily since then to provide a steady streamof new content.

His newest released song, $1,750, is out on all platforms featuring popular DJ Trap-A -Holics and a new music video. It’s Taxin’s first Single since the release of his 2018 debut album Citgo City. If there’s one thing Taxin has learned about his worth in the music industry, it’s that there are no handouts.

“Keep the white fan base,” Taxin said. “Niggas going to download it for free.”
With several mixtapes and beats circulating the streets, at this point in Taxin’s career, nothing is slowing him down any time soon.

“I have many publications on the way and interviews on Atlanta platforms,,” Taxin said.
While paving the way to a successful music career, Taxin just wants the respect he deserves from his rap peers and up-and-coming street artists.

“I got so much shit to drop with major artists and producers,” Taxin said. “There ain’t no telling what SLIGHTWRKS is about to have me on.”
For updates on upcoming releases, merch and new content, check out and follow his YouTube and Instagram @mrapril15th.

Hiphopnowtv Journalist/Author via: Myka D. Williams

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