Floyd Mayweather Says He is Proud of NBA Youngboy

Floyd Mayweather Says He is Proud of NBA Youngboy

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Mayweather went on an interview with the Pivot podcast team and made comments about his daughter Yaya and her baby daddy NBA Youngboy about their relationship and their new baby on the way in a 27 minute video. “I’m proud of my daughter even though she’s a little young to have a baby,” Mayweather said. “She’s 21 and she’ll be 22 this year but I’m proud of her. I’m proud of NBA YoungBoy. Very, very talented young kid.

One of the biggest artists, as far as in music. He got a cult-like following. … I look at him just like one of my sons. I only want the best for him and I don’t want him having beef with anyone”, He went on and told the interviewers. Mayweather then said that “so many young rappers are dying young,” reiterating that he’s proud of YoungBoy and his daughter. Later, Mayweather said he’s going to “continue to push” YoungBoy to achieve what he described as greatness.

“I’m gonna continue to push him and push her, both of them, to be great,” he said, adding that he loves his grandson, who’s “just like his mom.” He seems to be very proud of them both and very calm of them even though they are young with a child. Money definitely isn’t the issue, but maturity and a strong mind able to care and raise a child might me.

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