Florida Artist ‘Righteous Teacher’ Making a Difference In The Music Scene!

Florida Artist ‘Righteous Teacher’ Making a Difference In The Music Scene!

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Born and raised in the Bahamas, Righteous Teachers’ music career is about to spiral in a major direction.

It was just a year ago when Righteous Teacher started taking his craft seriously. 

In 2020, it was the song Favor Bounce Da Revolution that took off and ranked No. 35 on the top 40 billboard chart.

The talented musician, Righteous Teacher, is now on the verge of finishing his first album titled Lessons of the Teacher.

While his first major project is expected to release January 2022, it reflects different issues, aspects of life, life lessons, educating and teaching people how to handle things.

While his music is full of positive energy, Righteous Teacher is not one to pigeonhole himself into one style.

One thing that makes the multidimensional artist unique is his ability to take listeners on a journey of sound.

“My beats are dope,” Righteous Teacher said. “My music is an infusion of some dance hall, rap and hip hop. I’m sending a message that challenges people to be better. I’m gearing towards building yourself and staying away from negativity.”

Harking back to his younger years, at age 16, Righteous Teacher reminisces winning freestyle rap battle competitions in high school.

Growing up in the streets, Righteous Teacher found himself involved in the gang life. 

But purpose and destiny knew what was on the horizon and it wasn’t long before he developed a mindset that switched gears into a promising future.

“I got into church and turned my life around,” Righteous Teacher said. “You grow up and realize you have to do more than what you’re doing.”

If it wasn’t for his musical passion, the Florida native would still likely be a positive influence today in society. 

“I could see myself as a lawyer,” Righteous Teacher said. “My grandfather said I was so smart to defend people. I was really good at getting people out of situations and talking people out of stuff.”

Hiphopnowtv Journalist/Author via: Myka D. Williams

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