Fans Make Roddy Ricch Delete All His Social Media

Fans Make Roddy Ricch Delete All His Social Media

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Roddy Ricch recently deactivated his Instagram after releasing a snippet that his fans were not messing with at all. After his first project flopping, he tried to make a comeback by leaking a snippet off his new project, but fans quickly critiqued him and called it trash.

This must have touched the rappers feelings because he quickly deleted the post and deactivated his IG. Now Roddy, who was once considered the next big thing just created a narrative around himself and made it cool to be called trash. He lost his momentum and this was probably his worst mistake.

Even Wack 100 told the rapper to drop his album when the time was right and he didn’t listen. After “The Box”, Roddy might have gotten too comfortable and lost his versatility. Tracks like “Down Below” and “Racks in the Middle” Featuring Nipsey Hussle built his popularity and his reputation. This situation just shows how easy it is upset your fans after getting too comfortable. 

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