Exclusive Interview With  Atlanta’s Very Own ‘Dre Nello’

Exclusive Interview With Atlanta’s Very Own ‘Dre Nello’

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When it comes to the rap game, Atlanta’s Dre Nello brings you all aspects with his hooks, lyrics, melodies and overall versatility.

Ever since Nello’s career took off in 2019, he never turned back.

“I’m really the whole package, “Nello said. I can do all of it.”

His music flows through him as he manifests his emotions. Growing up in the streets, it was never easy for the talented artist.

“I’m raw from the streets,” Nello said. “I’m cut straight from emotion, growing up with no money in poverty.”

As a kid, it was how the rap lifestyle was portrayed that captured the attention of Nello. Phenom rap artist T.I. heavily influenced him to start writing music.

“He inspired me to pick up a pen and start rapping,” Nello said. “Seeing him on TV, I was like that looks cool. I’m trying to tell everybody my story.”

Nello creates unique sounds that explore beyond the horizons of unoriginality and repetitivity.

The power his music has to bring change to the world is what really sets him apart from other competition in the industry.

“I always keep it real to myself on every record whether it’s autotune or not,” Nello said. “I don’t force anyting. The diligence in my work is unmatched.”

While still making progress, Nello’s recently released his latest song titled “Counted Me Out.” You can find it on all major platforms. Keep an eye out for his latest soon-to-release album titled “Against All Odds”.

As he continues to push himself musically and professionally, Dre Nello will happily continue to share his love of music with the world.

Hiphopnowtv Journalist/Author via: Myka D. Williams

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