Cops Violate Young Thugs Rights?

Cops Violate Young Thugs Rights?

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Popular artist YOUNG THUG reportedly claimed the cops invaded his privacy by unlawfully stealing and even going through his devices without a proper Warrant .

The Known Rapper reportedly claimed the cops violated his right when he was interrogated . He also revealed the lawmen made away with his hard drive after searching him which was deemed illegal.

Young thug is currently pleading with the judge who was assigned to his RICO case to smoother some statements he uttered back in custody

In May 2022 it was reportedly claimed by prosecutors that Young thug was actually the Leader of Young Slime Life (YSL) Gang in a 65 count indictment convicting 28 people with cases of drug peddling and murder.

The rapper Young Thug and his friend Gunna were both accused of violating the GEORGIA RICO Act and involvement In a criminal street Gang.

According to Brian steel who is Young thug reliable lawyer ,claimed the lawmen unlawfully interrogated his client at Delkab county Jail, in as much as his miranda rights was never waved.

Brian revealed that one of the investigator with the name David Raissi and T Cunningham who is the ATF special agent escorted Young thug for some questioning without his consent .

Brian steel explained that all his client statements should be laid down if possible suppressed in the above referenced case and all witnesses must keep mute on the fact that the Rapper made any statement

Which violated his constitutional rights to counsel .

“Furthermore it was not confirmed if actually the rapper (Young thug) was allowed to speak to the lawmen since this is a post arrest” said Brian

It seems this wasnt the first time for the lad as it was seen that Young thug requested that the judge should return his devices seized back in July 2015 at his residence in Sandy springs, Georgia. As a result of the felony charge laid against the rapper.

Although the court labelled it unconstitutional when the cops raided his home and Allegedly threatened a mall security that they found hard drugs and arms .

The Device which were confiscated hasn’t yet been returned upon the written order in 2017 , According to Brian it was an illegal prosecution and without a warrant to search and extract any information from Young thug .

 “Instead, without lawful right to keep, hold, inspect, possess or examine Mr. Williams’ property, the prosecution ‘team’ continued to illegally hold Mr. Williams’ property and search these items,” mr Brian quoted.

In conclusion Brian wants Judge Ural Glanville to suppress any of the statements made by the rapper (Young thug) and his devices during trial which will be In January 2023.

Hiphopnowtv Journalist: Gc centurious

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