CEO Bobby And JoJo Splatt Arrested On multiple  charges

CEO Bobby And JoJo Splatt Arrested On multiple charges

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Memphis man Ceo Bobby was arrested for killing rapper Young Dolph. The murder took place in their hometown of Memphis, Tennessee on November 17, 2021 while Dolph was in the town buying cookies for his annual Thanksgiving Drive.

The police had released the photos of 2 people who were responsible for the killing of Young Dolph but were reported to have been unable to capture the killers. Information was circulation in social networks for a while after though, regarding who was responsible or the rappers fatal shooting.

2 men were the topic of conversation, Ceo Bobby and Jojo Splatt. They were caught on video from outside of the cookie shop where the murder took place in a white Mercedes Benz. They were also seen on social media in a photo taken in a gas station with the same Mercedes they did the murder in. Jojo is reported to be running from police as he has not been caught by police yet. Splatt and Ceo Bobby are upcoming rappers trying to find their places in the music industry. They were quickly suspected by fans on social media soon after the death of Young Dolph.

Many people were convinced Jojo was one of the masked gunmen but he had denied all the speculations. Police are doing their job on the case, but are yet to release any more details regarding the situation.

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