7 Most Ridiculous Things that Travis Scott Owns

7 Most Ridiculous Things that Travis Scott Owns

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  1. A Mechanical Bird  

During the Wednesday nights tour kickoff that was hosted in Phoenix, Ariz with Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scoot was literally flying high using his mechanical bird. Let me explain, at the time of his performance, he soared right above the lively crowd on a giant animatronic bird with glowing red eyes at the kickoff. I’m not sure why he prefers having a mechanical bird, but maybe it’s a great foundation for his legendary status. Previously, stage diving is the norm but Travis Scott definitely hypes the masses with his mechanical bird.   

  1. An $1,015,000 diamond watch 

One million dollars isn’t really the kind of money you would want to spend on a watch! In as much so, that isn’t really the case with the Hip-hop star, Travis Scott. Following a few Instagram posts of Travis Scott flexing his most recent timepiece pickup from Jacob the Jeweler, we can identify that Travis Scott owns the shockingly priced Jacob & Co Rose Gold Astronomia diamond baguette timepiece.  

  1. A ‘Flame boy’ 80-Carat Chain 

Migos may have dominated the jewelry sector for a while until Travis Scott gave them a run for their money after he dropped a clean $500K on chains for himself and his crew altogether. He directly commissioned the elegant pieces from the celebrity jeweler Elliot Avianne, the CEO of Avianne Jewelers in New York City. The collection features 9 chains in total, that is, eight Cactus Jack Chains for the members in his team and the aggressive 80-carat ‘Fklame Boy’ neckpiece for himself. Coincidentally, he got these chains right around the same time that his baby was announced. How cool is that? 

  1. A custom Lamborghini Aventador SV  

Considering the fact that the Texas rap star was not necessarily impressed by the baseline model that already exists, he preferred to purchase a customized model. For this reason, Ryan took time to build Travis Scott an elegant chocolate colored Lamborghini Aventador SV that stands out in a crowd. To make this even crazier, his custom made Lamborghini Aventador SV that cost him a ton, is just one brilliant car in his massive $8 million collection.  

  1. Rainbow Diamond Grill 

They say that the drip lives forever and it is pretty hard to meet a rapper without the grills! Travis Scott has built a drip collection with his teeth accessories that are known as the ‘Sicko Look’ or the ‘Travis Scott Grillz’. His rainbow grillz, which feature an impressive collection of blue, white, pink and brown ten-carat diamonds, may have cost him an aggressive $150,000 but thank the heavens that they have become a popular and glorified trend to follow in the pop culture! To add on that, he literally only wore them once for his Avianna tour. 

  1. A million dollar shoe collection  

Aside from having multiple hits on the chart, Travis Scott owns a highly coveted million dollar shoe collection. Just to mention a few pairs from his collection, you will find the Nike x Travis Scott SB Dunk Low PRM QS Cactus Jack, Travis Scott x Air Force 1 Low Cactus Jack, Travis Scott Low Cactus, Travis Scott x Air Jordan VI Retro and the Travis Scott x Air Max 270 React ENG Cactus Trails. These are literally customized trends. Try and think of how much that could possibly cost! 

  1. A $23.5M Ultra-Modern, Yacht-Inspired Mansion 

Luxury? Or LUXURY! Let’s just say unique! Travis Scott owns a massive mansion in the lavish Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. The mansion is described to be 17,000 square feet and is identified to be quite futuristic. Even better, it packs all kinds of luxurious amenities that you could ever think of. You would be more amazed when you hear about the underwater sound system for its infinity pool. Absolute value for the buck? You bet!  

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